Do you like being on Facebook?

Answer No way.I'm not sure if that many people realize the disadvantages of revealing so much personal information via such portals.Take Yahoo Answers for example, all of your posts will end up in Google ... Read More »

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Is Facebook like being in high school?

For me, facebook is EXACTLY like being back in high school. - Nobody offers to be my friend.- Everyone ignores my offers of friendship.- Have to create imaginary profiles just to have friends.I kn... Read More »

How do I ask a girl for her number like on facebook without being creepy?

talk to her on FB just a normal conversation and say something like "hey i gotta go but i think it would be cool to talk to you again sometime. Do you have a cell number i can call you at...heres m... Read More »

Do you feel that being a SAHM is like being a single parent?

Yes! My partner see's me being a SAHM as my job. So I am in charge of the baby, the pets and the house. While he's at work. When he gets home We're either asleep already or he spends 30 mins with u... Read More »

How to Unlike a Facebook Page (Using Facebook Like Button)?

Are you clearing out some of your liked pages that you have done in the past, and you realize you used Facebook's Like Button on the page itself? You should know that you can clear these likes out ... Read More »