Do you like basmati rice?

Answer haha, rice rules! any rice. rice rice rice rice rice!!!!

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How to Cook Basmati Rice?

Rice is simple to make, versatile, nutritious and goes with a multitude of other dishes. If you've failed at cooking rice in the past, here is a tried and true method we've used for years. This met... Read More »

Can Basmati Rice be used in a Risotto?

If you are able it would be much better with proper risotto rice(Arborio(spelt something like that)) it will make the dish a hell of a lot better consistency wise.

Is Basmati Rice are good for health?

yes, it is smooth and quite flexible the other... rice

Brown Basmati Rice Cooking Directions?

Brown basmati rice is a healthy alternative to white rice and has a hearty taste. When preparing to cook the rice, it is important to know that brown basmati rice has a longer cook time than white ... Read More »