Do you like bacon and eggs?

Answer Yes i do!Hope that helps :)

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Besides the usual ham sausage & bacon what do u like eating with youre eggs?

Spam and fried eggsChorizo w/ scrambled eggsBiscuits and gravy w/ any kind of eggs

What sort of breakfast dish can you make for people that don't like eggs or bacon ?

+ Pancakes (from a mix)+ Cinnamon Rolls + Coffee Cake

Bacon & Eggs Cereal Oatmeal Muffin Or Fruit Salad Which do you like more for breakfast?

Oatmeal or CerealBut actually I like toast, it wasn't an option.. thought I'd put it there anyway =]

Blueberry Pancakes Bacon & Eggs with Home fries Or a bowl of Wheaties Cereal which do u like best?