Is dying like fainting?

Answer I don't know for sure but my grandmother died on the OR table and they brought her back. She said she could see what was going on in the room when that happened. So that would tell me no it is not... Read More »

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Why do vegetarians look like they are dying?

I tend to agree. Perhaps it is because the protein a person needs is built from amino acids which don't come packaged in plants the way they do in animals. Some have to be taken in combination or s... Read More »

What does dying feel like?

Can't be too bad, nobody has ever complained yet.

Please help. Feel like I'm dying. !!?

I have heart problems also... I don't have asthma but I try not to freak out, and I lay on my stomach with my legs bent into the air(If that makes since) and I am usually fine within 5-10 minutes..... Read More »

How come it seems like my laptop battery is dying faster all of a sudden?

Hotter weather, fan is running more. Or there is some program running in background that is using disk a lot. Or the WiFi is being used more. Or the battery is aging too quickly. If a cell is g... Read More »