Do you like a little bit of pain?

Answer as in hurt?? nopeeeeee

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Can someone die of like just pure pain or something like without any bleeding or uh stuff like that?

When should you start feeling a lot of joint pain during your pregnancy like hip and pelvic pain?

AnswerYou shouldn't, it is not normal. However it is quite common. it is caused by the hormone progesterone relaxing the ligaments and muscles so the joints move more than when not pregnant. It is ... Read More »

How do you make those little symbols like the smiley and hearts like I Have?

Alt + 1 = ☺Alt + 2 = ☻Alt + 3 = ♥Alt + 4 = ♦Alt + 15 = ☼I coudn't find one for stars. ☆ ★ (i copied and pasted these)Make sure you have num lock on and use the number pad. :)

URGENT!! Please help little girl in pain?

Put something cool on it. It will make the blood in your skin recede back into your body.Have a Good Day! and Take Good Care of Baby TOO!