Do you like a chinese restraunt or an indian better?

Answer Love Chinese food and Chinese curry is the best.

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I have diarreha going to an indian restraunt?

If you eat the tandoori chicken make sure you see through the red coloring and the chicken pieces have no blood in it. Make sure those roti or breads are not recycled from leftovers by other custom... Read More »

Can a white girl work part-time at a chinese restraunt?

I'm sure you could. I do usually see chinese or japanese employees but I have on occasion seen other people too (white, black, etc).

Indian or Chinese?

I'm eating Indian food right now. Rice with Lentil, known as masur in India. What a coincidence!Well I'll suggest that you should go for Indian. It's better to go for hot served Indian food. Enjoy... Read More »

Chinese or indian.?

I agree with you. The curry houses generally have far superior tasting dishes and more variety than the chinese. The chinese food all tastes the same, and has all that monosodium glutomate. You can... Read More »