Do you like YouTube?

Answer ah yeah

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How to Get a Youtube Video off Youtube if You Don't Like It?

If you happen to come across a offensive, appalling or downright horrible YouTube video, the following are some suggestions on how to get it removed.

Do you like my YOUTUBE video?

its funny and hot =]here my question =];_ylt=AqxJ6yIX6M1oSUrY.aSiLl3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080409034427AAeB8ki

Who is fred like on youtube?

How to get them to like me on youtube..?

Who are they???Anyway... Like they already said HD videos or at least good qualitie. Use a computer for filming if you have one and use a white, green, blue, or black wall. Make sure there's no one... Read More »