Do you like Thai food ?

Answer Wow! What is Thai food???I only know meat and potatoes...!!!And, much junk 'snack' food...!!!Would Thai food 'hurt' me??? Change Me???...HaHa!!!

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Do Thai people that work at Thai restaurants eat Thai food every day?

It would suck, because Thai peanut sauce is not good.

Thai food: first time going to a thai restaurant what should i get?

· What do you think of Thai food Chinese food English food?

Love Thai food! Its so spicy and coconuty.Chinese food is divine. Love the flavour and also nice and spicy in some of their dishes.English food is difficult to define these days. So much of what th... Read More »

What food is better than Thai food?

I agree, Thai food is the best. I love spicy and Thai food is that and delicious.Gimme som Tom Yum soup and Larb and maybe Ginger Fish.It's very healthy, too!I gotta go, i'm getting hungry.