Do you like Pomegranate fruits ?

Answer yes...i love pomegranates.....they are very tasty and healthy my house, i have 3 pomegranate trees :)

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When are pomegranate fruits ripe to pick off the tree?

Pomegranate is ready to pick sometime between the beginning of August and the end of September. Fruit should be red in color. When cut open, it should be very juicy and contain bright red seeds.Sou... Read More »

Pomegranate fruits are very tasty, but how does one separate the flesh from those horrible seeds?

1. cut the whole fruit in 4 sections2. let each sections soak in room temp. water for about 2-5 minutes3. put each section (one by one) on a cutting board. take a wooding spoon, and tap them (not t... Read More »

What r hard fruits soft fruits stone fruits citrus tropical?

this website is bad...anybody can rite stuff on here...u no?

Is it OK to eat fruits whilst diabetic as some of the fruits are high in sugars. Said the doctors?

Speak to your doctor about which fruits are safe to consume. Some fruits (especially grapefruit) contain enzymes that can interfere with medications.