Do you like Monster or Rockstar?

Answer Rockstar. Particularly the recovery lemonade one. would a sugar free drink be loaded with sugar...?

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Is mio energy worse than monster, rockstar or AMP?

i just looked it up, and surprisingly, mio energy drinks are actually not bad at all...kind of good for you calories, carbs, fat. and it has a good amount of vitamins in it too. where... Read More »

How to Look Like a Rockstar?

The rockstar look is all edge-that means no frilly pink dresses, and nothing you think your grandma would wear. Think blacks, blues, whites, chains and individuality.

How to Dress Like a Girl Rockstar?

Dressing like a girl rockstar allows you to transform your ordinary wardrobe into something new and exciting. You can take the clothing you already own and make it rockstar-worthy or buy new things... Read More »

How to Go Back to School Like a Rockstar?

Ever wanted to go back to school and make the impression that you are basically a rock star?Well, read further and you will find out!