Do you like Monster or Rockstar?

Answer Rockstar. Particularly the recovery lemonade one. would a sugar free drink be loaded with sugar...?

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Is mio energy worse than monster, rockstar or AMP?

i just looked it up, and surprisingly, mio energy drinks are actually not bad at all...kind of good for you calories, carbs, fat. and it has a good amount of vitamins in it too. where... Read More »

Is the sesame street character call the cookie monster or the veggie monster?

The character's name is Cookie Monster. He is sometimes used to promote healthy eating habits, including the idea that veggies are tasty, but the idea that the writers changed the name of the chara... Read More »

Why did Sesame Street change Cookie Monster to the Veggie Monster?

They didn't. They're just having Cookie Monster set an example to kids. He still has ravenous cookie habits.

Why did sesame street replace cookie monster with veggie monster?

They didn't replace cookie monster at all: some reporters went berserk over the song "cookie is a sometimes food". they claimed it was cookie monster's new song. What they didn't pay attention to w... Read More »