Do you like Kung Pao chicken?

Answer Hot and spicy Kung Pao chicken. That's what I order when we do Chinese take out at work.

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How to Make Kung Pao Chicken?

Chicken with cashews is an extremely popular Chinese dish in restaurants worldwide. The dish is often also called Kung Pao chicken. This delicious and simple dish is easy to make in a wok or skillet.

Olive Garden should introduce Kung Pao Chicken?

Why? If you want Chinese food, go to Panda Express and leave Olive Garden alone, it's Italian food. By introducing foods NOT common to the Ethnic food group, you confuse the "Brand" and soon you'll... Read More »

I ordered Kung Pao Chicken from Panda Express!?

Could be an overfried piece of or some accident drop in piece of food from another dish. The basic kung pao chicken is chicken drenched in flour and deep fried and the sauce is dried whole chili, o... Read More »

How to Enjoy a Kung Fu Movie with a Friend Who Doesn't Enjoy Kung Fu?

Some people enjoy Kung Fu movies, but an astounding number of people, for whatever reason, do not. But not all hope is lost! If you want to watch "Elements of The Drunken Monkey Old Man Crazy Maste... Read More »