Do you like Google's changed look?

Answer wll be better if we can color of google menu bar.

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Do you feel like if people changed their expectations...?

there's some truth in that. but i think what's missing from it is that kids aren't ever going to rise to meet expectations that are completely absent. i'm not sure it's actually helpful to assume... Read More »

I look like crap in the morning, then I look good, then I look nasty ?

just dont even think about it. know that ur beautiful

Different googles?

1. blackle(saves energy)2. google3. EmoGoogle4. Googoththose are all the ones i know!try to use blackle it saves tons of energy. it reduces your electric bill!

How to Discover the Secret Googles?

"Secret Googles" are different versions of Google, ones that hardly anyone knows about.