Do you leave your computer on or off?

Answer well it damages your hardware alot more by turning it on and off all the time as it is heating and cooling which causes strain.where as if you leave it on all the time,it may set you back on your e... Read More »

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Is it ok to leave your computer on for the whole week or is it bad for the computer?

This question has been asked since the personal computer was still in diapers. Back then I'd say turning off you pc would be more prefered but with new pc's, components are better made and are des... Read More »

Is it bad to leave your computer on 24-7?

It's kind of a double edged sword:For hardware reasons, some people say you are prematurely wearing out the internal parts(especially spinning hard drives) or letting them wear down due to heat bui... Read More »

Can you harm your computer if you leave it on 24/7?

it wont harm it, but depending on what kind of computer you have/how old it is and what operating system you have, it could get slow to operate unless you restart it every once in awhile to clear i... Read More »

Is it bad to leave your computer/lap top on all night?

I believe it is bad for you to leave you laptop on while not using it or sleeping. 1. It might cause shortage of battery life.2. It might burn out your hard drive, even if only using AC/Adaptor.3. ... Read More »