Do you leave a tip for takeout?

Answer According to MSNBC, tipping etiquette in America does not require you to tip on a takeout order. Tips are reserved for when you get service, such as seating and refills. Yet, the takeout server wor... Read More »

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What does takeout food mean?

The Free Dictionary defines takeout food as any prepared food, typically cooked hot, that is intended to be eaten away from the premises in which it was prepared. In England, this food is called "t... Read More »

Should we tip for a takeout order in the US?

Well there are a lot of variables to consider. Depending upon the restaurant would dictate if you should or not. If it's pizza, no need to tip. The service and counter help didn't really do anyt... Read More »

How to Create a Takeout Menu for Your Restaurant?

Here's the situation: you have a restaurant where guests can sit and eat. This is great, however, you see an opportunity to make more money: providing takeout service to your customers. Providing a... Read More »

Ordering Korean takeout in Korea?

There is no master website for ordering takeout. Sometimes you can order online through a company's website, but this involves finding the website, finding the page that allows take-out and then f... Read More »