Do you leave a tip at a buffet restaurant if you bring 100 people to eat?

Answer if you go to the buffet a lot, then you definately want to leave a tip and a nice one at that. Otherwise, the next time you go, all the staff will give you the "evil eye" and piss in your drinks. ... Read More »

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How much tip should you leave at a buffet restaurant?

If they bring your drinks, and do a good job, $1 per person in the party.If you do everything except clear the table, 5% of the total check, but never less than $1 unless you are making a statement... Read More »

Do you leave a tip at any buffet restaurant (i.e.. GOLDEN CORAL) even though you serve yourself?

Yes you always tip a server. I know lots of people who think they don't need to because it's a buffet but, actually the waitress ends up doing more at a buffet than she would at a normal restauran... Read More »

Do you leave a tip at a Chinese buffet?

most people dont' realize that even at buffet places, they are still getting paid 2-3 dollars an hour. I've worked at one! I depended on tips. I didn't expect much, 2-3 dollars was expected, 5 do... Read More »

When you visit Las Vegas, do you eat at a Restaurant .or. Buffet?

The easy answer...try them both. The helpful answer...If it is you and friend going out casual then try the buffet. In my personal opinion the best buffet in Vegas is The Carnival World Buffet at t... Read More »