Do you leak more colostrum the closer you get to giving birth?

Answer yes

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Is abortion more painful or giving birth?

Childbirth is more painful. A medical abortion can hurt since you have cramps but you can also get painkillers so you can stand it and it differs from person to person. A surgical abortion is done ... Read More »

Is it possible to leak colostrum and not be pregnant?

Answer YES!!! It happened to me, and any stimulation to the breasts may make it increase or maintain it for a long time, it happens when you have miscarried, or when your horomone levels are high, ... Read More »

Anyone else think having toothache is more painful than giving birth?

I agree with you.....When giving child birth it is a pain that you forget about the second you hold that new born child in your arms for the first time or see that child for the first time.When hav... Read More »

Is it true that giving birth is more painful than getting hit in the balls(excluding the total time)?