Do you laugh at people who can only lift like 40 lbs?

Answer No don't be so sensitive. In no time you'll be lifting 50 lbs and laughing at the girly men lifting 40!

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I am a vegitarian and people laugh at me only because I like to help animals not kill them, what should I do?

Join the club. That comes along with being veggie. Sorry. I know it can be tough. When they make fun of you think of how much you are helping the animals. Think of the animals. Whatever you d... Read More »

How do i get a Facebook page where people can only like it (business)?

go to the log in screen for facebook and go to the bottom look under the green button that says sign upp and u will see create a page for celebrity, band or business once u click that u will see 6... Read More »

This message is posting in the ( Alternative Section) for and only for like minded people. See Below>>.?

it should be apparent that all they're doing is 1) chasing the money they're losing to alternatives, and, 2) chasing their lost credibility in the eyes of the public due to their failure to get sic... Read More »

How to Make Sad People Laugh?

People are often depressed and need some kind of shoulder for support. It is always good if you can make somebody laugh. Whether it's a quick need of cheering up or something bigger, it's a useful ... Read More »