I have stinky feet, what can I do about it?

Answer wash your feet with wonders the smell is completely elliminated.....and it will work as an antiseptic too............

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How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet?

Foot odor is no laughing matter. It can be really embarrassing when you take off your shoes and the stench is so bad you can almost see the fumes rising from your feet. Thankfully, you can take con... Read More »

How to Have Less Stinky Feet?

After a day of walking around in your favorite old pair of sneakers, you may notice a foul odor wafting up from your feet. Shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and when it combines with persp... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Sweaty and Stinky Feet?

There are few things worse than the unpleasant smell of stinky feet. Start with feet that are clean and dry -- shower or bathe with an anti-bacterial soap -- then try a few treatment tricks. ... Read More »

Who has stinky feet and has taken their shoes off too?

alright, is this Agnes Sanchez who live next door? Listen here-your Roberto, when he comes over here to guzzle my beer is no bed of roses when he takes his shoes off-you tell my wife to shut up.