Opening an excel file and display all values without opening their links?

Answer It would have helped to know which version of MS-Excel you are using, and optionally what update level.As to the external links sometimes having the correct value, and other times having the "N/A#"... Read More »

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How to Switch a Door From Right Opening to Left Opening?

A right opening door is one that, when opened, swings to the right. It is also a door that is grabbed with your right hand to open it. Doors open into the room in which you are entering. If the roo... Read More »

A customer has a counter top with a 1 ½” faucet opening. Will a faucet shank of 1 7/16” fit in that opening?

Math not your strong point? 1 1/2" or 1 8 /16" so you know tighter than (? ) but it will fit in."While I have never said this before...but I don't like a tight hole IN THIS CASE [and that is ti... Read More »

How do I inquire about a job opening?

Find Contact InformationCall the prospective employer to request the name and direct contact information for the hiring manager. You want to address your letter about the position to the right pers... Read More »

I am opening a daycare and I need to know what you like and don't like?

Glad to help.... (In addition to the obvious. Be safe, be nice, have toys, be clean, etc.)- Price is always touchy. You will find something that works that all depends on who you are looking for, w... Read More »