Do you know which would be a good anti malware to have?

Answer If you PAID for AVG I see why your computer got infected, even the free edition of AVG isn't even worth thinking about downloading, if you want to pay for Security, then considering buying either N... Read More »

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Malware removal, i tried scanning with anti -malware programme but it didn't help?

This is a browser Hijacking.A pain but not overly difficult to remove.Follow the instructions at the link below and you should be OK.I just the hijack. SpyBot Search and Destroy caught it a... Read More »

What free anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware/malware do you recommend?

I'd recommend using AVG anti-virus, Comodo firewall, AVG anti-spyware along with the firefox web browser or any browser other than internet explorer.

What is the best free anti-virus avast,avg,malwarebytes anti-malware or cyberdefender need answer quick?

A V A S T is the way to go. Its free and you can even register 1 full year for free.Just install it and forget all the other anti-virus program. Once it is installed, select BOOT SCAN and let it s... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Anti Malware Software?

If you don't clean your computer often, then this might be what happens.Overwhelmed by all the choices? People bugging you about antivirus, antispyware, anti-adware, firewalls, temporary file delet... Read More »