Do you know where the TV remote is?

Answer Hahahahaa.... thanks for a great chuckle. Im really sorry, I thought I would be able to look into my crystal ball, but someone took the batteries out it.

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I just bought a 32 ILO tv from Craig's List and it did not have a remote.The model is IWT3206 a SDTV.Does any one know where I can find one or what remote will work for this tv thanks from Ky?

Does anyone know where my TV Remote Control is?

In the fridge, honestly, check there, I bet I'm right

Errrr, anyone know where i've put the remote?

It's right there!! -------------->See it?! You're getting warm.....Oh no! Cold, cold!I said it's right there! -------------------->You're looking way too hard!!Keep looking, it's there! --------> R... Read More »

Does anyone know where my kids have put the TV remote ?

flash gordon stole it from right under your nose ming