I want to know the name of this place its located in dallas. i do not know where?

Answer Don't waste people's time.

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Where/how do I remove my picture from my printer/scanner I don't know where it is!?

Look under the tray where you originally placed the picture to scan. There's a small space under there where the documents come out at when they're done scanning.If not there, open the scanner cove... Read More »

Does anybody know where do i check to see where my resolution is on my computer?

Providing you are runnign WindowsXP. Right click on the desktop and go to properties. In the Display properties click on the Setting Tab and you should see screen resolution in there.

When you go in your house and you smell burnt plastic and you don't know where the smell is coming from but you know it's not the dishwasher what do you do?

Where can i find quicky restaurants Like ones where it's in a castle or you know really unique?

Dear Blah Blah,Try Ninja at 25 Hudson Street in TriBeCa in Manhattan. It's set in a medieval Ninja village. Staff members in costume do tableside magic.Enoy!Spikey