Do you know whats wrong with my printer?

Answer Check if its...a) plugged in. To Power and to USB port or parallel port. b) has the latest drivers installed.…c) not malfunctioning http://support.lexmark... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my printer?

Is it a Chameleon you're trying to print? Maybe it changed color.

I dont know whats wrong with my arm!!?

I had a friend who had tendonidous located on his right forearm, doctor advise him to start writing 6\8 hours at week to reinforce his arm and recover dexterity; that's all i can explain to you, I ... Read More »

Whats wrong with me meI really need to know?

Hi,You have many symptoms of diabetes, and if there is any family history, ask someone that has a meter to stop by and check your blood sugar level. It only takes a few minutes, and is pretty much... Read More »

Help! my dryer is broke! do you know whats wrong with it?

If you want to waste an extra $75 then go ahead and call a service tech.Fixing a dryer is one of the easiest home repair jobs you can do. All you need is a little courage. But what's the risk any... Read More »