Do you know what to do if a jellyfish stings you?

Answer You guys are idiots. Pure water should be used in the event that you have any. Some experts suggest to urinate on the wound if you don't have water - it's just to remove debris from the area since ... Read More »

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How to Treat Jellyfish Stings?

Treating a jellyfish sting can be a relatively simple procedure. In most cases, you can relieve a jellyfish sting with common household products. Read the following tips to learn how to help heal a... Read More »

If when on the beach someone was stung by a jellyfish would you know what to do to help?

For a jellyfish sting in non-tropical waters:Wash the area with seawater to deactivate stinging cells.For a sting in tropical waters -- especially from box jellyfish:Rinse immediately with vinegar.... Read More »

Does anyone know how to prepare a jellyfish dish?

First, remove stingers. Next, extract all poison. Then ask "why in the helk would I eat this crap?"Appetizer? Man, I could have made cocktail weenies!

What do black Bee stings do to cats?

There is some venom in Bee which may make the cat sore and get swelled.