Do you know what to do if a jellyfish stings you?

Answer You guys are idiots. Pure water should be used in the event that you have any. Some experts suggest to urinate on the wound if you don't have water - it's just to remove debris from the area since ... Read More »

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How to Treat Jellyfish Stings?

Treating a jellyfish sting can be a relatively simple procedure. In most cases, you can relieve a jellyfish sting with common household products. Read the following tips to learn how to help heal a... Read More »

Bee stings ?

the cheapest and best remedy for bee stings, as weird as it may sound is mud....go outside dig up some dirt and make it till it's a pasty consistency, put it on the sting for about 15 mins and then... Read More »

Why does a bee die when it stings you?

When a bee stings, barbs in the lance of the stinger cause it to firmly stick into the victim pulling out the venom sacs, organs and glands when the bee is shaken off. The venom sac muscles continu... Read More »

How do u get rid of bee stings?

Well, bee stings are acid, so to stop the pain when stung you use an alkali such as baking powder.Don't mix them up with wasp stings, which are alkali, and are thus treated with an acid like lemon ... Read More »