Do you know what it is called if one bone in your wrist is longer than the other?

Answer Deb - The only thing I was able to find is something called "Kienbock's Disease. This is a portion of what the article says about it:There are several possible causes for Kienbock's Disease, but t... Read More »

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A material other than a gas that is know to be so toxic to humans that it poses a health hazards during transportation is called?

No. Botulism is a deadly poison usually found in carelessly canned food.

One tooth longer than the other?

Did you call your dentist and tell them about you bracket braking? If you haven't yet then you should, your dentist might make an ''emergency'' appointment to get it fixed because while your bracke... Read More »

One of my labia is longer than the other?

so normal! and no guy is going to care, trust me. i was uncomfortable with mine when i was younger, my right one hangs lower than the left. there is no reason why this happens, it's just how your b... Read More »

TH(Family)!Have your parents or friends ever called TH something other than their real name?

One of my friends calls them the Hotel boys xDanother one of my friends was trying to name them all off and he got Tom and Bill right but he tried to say Gustav and he said Gizzett (that made me la... Read More »