Do you know what is causing my left ear to....?

Answer Your Glasses could be out of adjustment- I would go have an optician check them for you and show them the backside of your ear- it will tell the story if that is the case!

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My 5 year old is experiencing sharp pains in her left shoulder and to the left side of her torso below the ribs She is also running a high temperature What could be causing this?

Can any one help me out. ive no space left on my hard drive and its causing loads of problems.any ideas please?

Get rid of what you don't need or purchase an external hard drive if you cannot put any more into your unit.

When you cross the road do you look left, right then left or right, left then right?

i like to look up, down, then up again

The left side of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it and when walk/run?

You need to rest your foot and apply ice till the pain goes away.