How to Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About?

Answer Its not the best tactic, but if you've found yourself in a conversation about something you know nothing about, here's how to survive.

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How to convince my mom that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to makeup?

Why on earth do you have seven brushes? Yeah, they do different things, but many of them are multipurpose. I have four brushes and could easily do without two of them. You can get one eyeshadow bru... Read More »

Whats Wrong! Girls that know what there talking about help!?

1.=You're probs dizzy cos of number 4's symptom2.=Well whatever this is it ain't linked to ya other's too much of a random body part in my op!3.=Lower right abdominal pain...hmmm OK we... Read More »

Why do half of you who submit answers don't know what your talking about.why bother answering ?

That's the same question I've been wanting to ask. There are just too many morons trying to get points and pseudointellectuals who like to pretend they know what they are talking about.I really pit... Read More »

Do you think Jonghyun's nose will heal soon (Any Shawols on here know what I'm talking about)?

The MV I'm guessing was filmed not that long ago but still early after Jonghyun was discharged from the hospital so he wasn't in the MV (teaser). SM said they wanted to focus on his recovery so he ... Read More »