Do you know this bizarre fact Please answer in yes or No :)?

Answer No :)

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If you know about weed,please answer this?

Well, statistically and scientifically speaking, THC itself is not damaging on the memory itself. The only way it can be "damaging" is simply that you are spaced out and simply pay attention to les... Read More »

I know I'm so idiot, but can you please answer this question?

i eat bagels with cream cheese,cereal,pancakes,yogurt,milk, dingdongs anything light!

This is super super urgent please answer if you know- would you say this website is secure or a con?

Hi.They supply no contact address on there website, not even in there Terms.There website has no SSL Certificate but they are probably very small. You should be covered by Paypal if something goes ... Read More »

Please answer this if you know about video cameras and video editing?

Hello, the best possible way to do this is to first plan out how you are going to shoot the video. Once you are finished shooting the video go over to your computer and instead of making a dvd out... Read More »