Do you know the childrens song "i have a little turtle"?

Answer This is the version i know:I had a little turtle(cupped hands)His name was tiny tim (cupped hands)I put in the bath tub to see if he could swim (slightly an over the hill motion)he drank up all the... Read More »

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Do any pre-k or kindergarten teachers know any childrens songs that have dances to go with them?

ring a ring a rosieinse winse spider with actionsdo your ears hang low(pretend hands are droppy ears)do they wobble to-and-fro(sway your hands)can you tie them in a knot(pretend to tie under your c... Read More »

Did hernan Cortes have any of his own siblings when he was younger did he have a sister or a brother or both. I know he had kids but I need to know if he had a sister or brother when he was little.?

It depend on how turned on he is, what method of stimulation is being used, how long it has been since the last ejaculation, the age and experange of the male " older guys can uasuly refrain from c... Read More »

How Do I know If I Have A TICK Bite I am A little Stressed out?

You might see the tick still embedded in your skin. You might get a red bull's eye rash around the bite site. Not all ticks carry lyme disease, so a tick bite in itself is not a big deal unless i... Read More »

The artist who sings the song on the new Sex and the city and Scrubs advert I know the song is Have Love Will Travel but Im having problems locating the correct artist?