Do you know the childrens song "i have a little turtle"?

Answer This is the version i know:I had a little turtle(cupped hands)His name was tiny tim (cupped hands)I put in the bath tub to see if he could swim (slightly an over the hill motion)he drank up all the... Read More »

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Why is ring around the rosey a childrens song/nursery rhyme?

The other answers explain a lot, but there are other versions of the rhyme, which you could probably find online. "Ashes ashes" was thought to come from "Atissue Atissue" (which had nothing to do w... Read More »

In the childrens song farmer in the dell. What is a adario when they say hi ho adario?

They are saying "High hoe the dairy oh the Farmer in the Dell"

Are turtle shells supposed to fall off the turtle?

No, turtle shells aren't supposed to fall off. A shell is made from bone and plates made of keratin called scutes. Many freshwater turtles will shed their scutes as they grow but they do not shed t... Read More »

What kind of turtle is a painted turtle?

The range of Chrysemys picta, the painted turtle, extends from coast to coast in the United States and spills over into adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico. This colorful turtle lives in a watery w... Read More »