Do you know that facebook is down?

Answer Im always using facebook , to communicate with friends and family that arent close to me , some live abroad and some are just too far to visit for a cuppa !! ... i hope it isnt down for too much lo... Read More »

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Anyone know why facebook is down?

hahaha i only logged on here to ask that question :)

Does anyone know if facebook is down?

FB is not down but it is having regional problems... Try back in 31 minutes.

Did you know that scientists have found that oral sex can cause throat cancer Would that stop you going down?

Everyone's got to die of something or the other, why not something that gives two people satisfaction?We've been told that too much sex causes prostrate cancer: Read More »

What are the pros and cos for the new HTC HD2 Also is it true that you can only see one pic on Facebook I know 2 ppl that stated this as a con?