Do you know someone that has whitened their teeth one time too many?

Answer no I have not. I have seen some that need to though

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Why would someone have teeth growing out of their gums above other teeth in the front of their mouth?

Answer Lack of space causes this.It happens a lot to children that their permanent teeth come before the milk tooth fall out. To be sure, ask the dentist if there is a problem. Most of the time thi... Read More »

I know a girl who got dental implants...can you tell me why someone would want teeth in their t*ts?

I really hope this isnt a serious questionIll hummor you, Dental implants have nothing to with breasts. Dental Implants are false teeth that are secured with a 'screw' individually.

Does any one know of a website that i can use to track someone through the gps on their cell phone?

If there is, I hope it is illegal. I understand wanting to track your kids. At the same time think how dangerous it would be if someone else could track your kids.

Is it expensive to get your teeth whitened?

It can be if you go to a dentist, but you could just get so mewhiteing strips