Do you know of any good companies on line for replacement ink cartridges in UK?

Answer i use loads of ink and the cheapest by a mile is " ukdvdr ltd " its in scotland but they deliver next day!!!! and they very good.

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Are remanufactured / compatible printer cartridges / inkjet cartridges as good as the real thing?

usually, they're just cheaper, still work ok

How do I recycle replacement ink cartridges?

Recycle Via MailCheck the package your new replacement ink cartridge came in to see if a postage-paid return envelope was included with the product. Companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard inclu... Read More »

Which printer has the cheapest replacement ink cartridges?

it was kodak who was promoting their cheaper cartridges, but saying "our cartridges are $10 while everyone else's is $20" doesnt really mean anything. You also have to look at the quality of the pr... Read More »

How come replacement inkjet cartridges cost as much as the printer?

The ink is how they make their money. Your best bet is to find a brand that takes cheap ink.