Do you know of a source from which to buy blank, Double Layer dvds?

Answer Ebay.... Thats my answer to EVERYTHING

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How to Read Double Layer DVDs?

Since so many DVD movies released by major studios contain special features, the movies are often stored on double-layer, or dual-layer, discs. As the name implies, double-layer discs contain nearl... Read More »

How can I grab data dvds hd dvds video dvds into a blank dvdv disc?

Can a single-layer DVD player play dual-layer DVDs?

Dual-layer DVDs allow for double the storage capacity of single-layer disks. DVD specifications require that all DVD players and DVD drives recognize dual-layer discs. A player that does not recogn... Read More »

Are dual-layer DVDs read from the inside to the outside?

Dual-layer DVDs are read from the inside edge (near the spindle hole) to the outer edge. The PTP (Parallel Track Path) allows the second layer on a Dual-layer DVD to be configured exactly like the ... Read More »