Do you know of a portable document scanner that don't need to be connected to a computer to scan a document?

Answer how big is the document you're trying to scan? they make pen scanners, they work good for students that only need certain text and when you only have limited funds and a library down the street wor... Read More »

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I want to be able to scan a document on my scanner have have a option to convert the document to pdf?

Adobe Acrobat is for viewing while Adobe Acrobat Professional is for editing and converting/saving your documents to pdf.For editing Acrobat pdf file, it has a software called Adobe Designer which ... Read More »

How do i scan a document with an hp scanner?

Scanners are devices that take pictures of documents and convert them to digital files on your computer. Scanners can come in sizes ranging from just wide enough to slide a business card through to... Read More »

Which mobile portable document scanner that copies color blue as well as black?

At, we primarily deal with receipts and business documents, but people store anything from old photos to recipes to their kids' drawings. I have talked to many customers who are very ... Read More »

How do I Scan in an Editable Document With a Canon 8800F Scanner?

The Canon 8800F scanner can be used to scan editable documents with just a few steps. If you want to make a scanned document editable, then you need to run it through optical character recognition ... Read More »