Do you know in how many months does Facebook account...?

Answer you can deactivate as long as you want facebook only deletes your account if you request them to do so

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If i temporarily disable my facebook account for two months?

Yes, as long as you did the temporary thing. I deleted mine completely and came back to Answers instead.

Does anyone know how someone can get my name and profile picture from my facebook account?

Try telling the Mods on the site what has happened and they may be able to help you with protecting your privacy. I really don't know. I think I am allergic to it. And this is one of the reasons wh... Read More »

How many warnings does Facebook give till they ban your account?

How can you know if your FACEBOOK account was hacked?

i would suggest changing your password. but in the event of someone attempting to hack your facebook account, facebook is likely to notify you that your facebook has been accessed from an unfamilia... Read More »