NYC Reggae Night Clubs?

Answer New York city is a mecca for people and cultures from all over the world living together, with a plethora of clubs and nightlife. There are a handful of clubs in New York that cater specifically to... Read More »

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Why are certain instruments used in reggae?

Reggae--with roots in African, Caribbean and American music--has grown into a one-of-a-kind sound. In the 1970s, reggae became an outlet for members of the Rastafarian religion to speak their minds... Read More »

What is reggae music?

Songs like "Get Up, Stand Up" and "I Shot the Sheriff" are instantly recognizable around the world, a testament to the power of a varied musical genre that touches on real human themes: reggae.Summ... Read More »

Does anyone listen to reggae.?

As little as you hear about reggae it is well liked. It is unfortunate that much is not seen on the internet in that respect. However reggae is quite appreciated in many other countries and culture... Read More »

Name of this reggae song?

Actually there was no song that I heard all it was was a documentary. Thename of the documentary is called Jamaica's killer cops full documentary My heart goes out to my fellow Jamaicans. This is s... Read More »