Do you know how to use Chopsticks?

Answer Yes I have known for long time know. All three of my children know or are learnig my 8 year old down packed my four year old expert my 2 year old uses the trainer chopsticks.

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Who can use chopsticks?

I am fantastic at it, and when my kids were little, 3 and 4 I started them, now at 14 they are as natural with them as forks and knives and will use them often. They are so good for getting pickle... Read More »

Can you use chopsticks?

I didn't learn until I spent 2 weeks in China about 6 years ago. I had no choice but to learn.Try this:Make a peace signNow take one chopstick and place it in the fatty part between your thumb and... Read More »

How to Use Wooden Chopsticks?

Eating with chopsticks can be intimidating, especially for those who haven't learned to use them from a young age. In this article you'll learn to use wooden chopstick with the help of a video.

How to Eat with Chopsticks?

Do you love Asian food, but want the full experience by eating it as it was meant to be eaten - with chopsticks? Chopsticks are the main eating utensil in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, & Vietnam. Ko... Read More »