Do you know how to make cookies well here's how!?

Answer I'm sure you think you are cute and funny, unfortunately the rest of us don't agree with you.

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How do you know if your garden area is well drained or not How can you make it to drain well?

The first answer is a good one. You could also apply water to the area with a sprinkler for a while until you have applied an inch of so and see how long it takes for it to go away. If it puddles... Read More »

Girls and guys heres a question for you about make up.?

Not all guys are beautiful, I find it hard to find a beautiful natural guy, just like how it's hard to find a beautiful natural girl

Well me and my brother want to make youtube videos and we dont know what to do help?

You didn't specify what category of videos you are making but you mentioned screen bigger so i'm assuming you are making gaming videos??? To make a video with a camera hit record, save to an SD car... Read More »

Well ii would want to know how can ii make my eye color change with out any surgery or contacts?

That is pretty much impossible, unless you are good at witchcraft or other magic, or you get your eyes tattooed. Contacts or surgery are the only practical options. Sorry.