Do you know , did you know Please share your thoughts on this?

Answer You have some very good points.One only needs to take a look at Australia's adoption reforms to see how adoption should be utilized.Adoption in the USA truly IS a business and truly IS in need of s... Read More »

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Could you be so kind as to watch this video of my original song and share your thoughts on it?

I love it!What a lucky guy. The song was really good! Yeah, just to reiterate what Maddie said, the song didn't really have a climax. The tempo was pretty consistent throughout the song, it would h... Read More »

What are you thoughts on marijuana Are my thoughts correct?

marijuana doesnt fry your brain.Marijuana does not kill brain cells nor does it make them go 'dormant'. Using marijuana can cause temporary impairments in short-term memory and what's called 'execu... Read More »

Is a low FreeCashFlow/share better than a higher FCF/share metric regarding a company's underlying stock price?

Yes....Sirius XM Set to Break 20 Million Subscriber Barrier for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. This is a nice milestone for the once troubled satellite radio company! Read More »

I share a closet with my sister and it isn't even that big we have drawers with rows. we share our room.?

I have a little closet in an old house. I made some wooden block things to put under the legs of my bed (to have more room under the bed), I am cheap so I made them but you can buy them. Then I p... Read More »