Do you know anything about Vietnamese Food Cuisine?

Answer The popular pho pronounced as "fuh" is an assortment of beef and noodles soup, wide selection of sandwiches (banh mi) spring rolls in rice papers, rice dishes and noodles. All very good and inexpen... Read More »

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Which cuisine do you prefer: Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish or British?

Japanese. Sushi!!!But from your list, Thai. Green curry is AWESOME.

How to Make Vietnamese Food?

Vietnamese food, famous for its color and flavor, shows influences from other Asian cultures and from French cuisine. Vietnamese food has a balance between flavors -- sweet, savory, spicy, sour, ci... Read More »

Food for you... Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai?

Vietnamese is my favorite, because of its fresh ingredients, very little fat or oil and tastiness. Fortunately it can be had in almost every city in the US.Try the Pho Tai, its a hearty clear soup ... Read More »

What is Japanese Food Cuisine?

It is the style of foods the Japanese makeDune