Do you know anyone who only eats natural foods 100% of the time?

Answer Years ago I had a teacher who was a complete vegan. He and his wife would not eat anything at all that was from any sort of animal bird or fish, or even any bi-products such as cheese or milk. I am... Read More »

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Do you know anyone who only eats natural food?

yes my family & friends eats only natural foods such as fruits,vegetables,meat fish eggs etc. but not all my family because some of my family members which includes me and my mom are almost vegans ... Read More »

My son has liver cancer, yet he eats like a horse. Does anyone know anything about this?

I have a good friend who has liver cancer (he's 53). His appetite has not ever changed with his diagnosis and subsequent chemo treatments. He eats a normal diet and doesn't complain of nausea ever.... Read More »

Does anyone know of there are any kosher dog and cat foods?

Oddly enough there's Kosher Pets food. It's so good, it's Kosher. think you're a sick swine for feeding it to those co-workers though. It's way more expen... Read More »

Anyone know of some foods that can make your system "move"?

he needs to digest the meat in his stomach before he should eat veggies/fruits. That takes after 3-5 hours. after that period then you can eats fruits and veggies. IF you choose fruits DONT use v... Read More »