Do you know anyone who has been caught using Limewire illeagally?

Answer A big answer, and believe me this subject has lot more sides so I could write more, but here is just in general, WHY NO ONE CANNOT BE CAUGHT,by using file sharing software.No, and don't listen no o... Read More »

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Can you get caught for Limewire?

The correct answer is yes you can get caught for illegally downloading music and such. The bigger issue is that in most cases people do not get prosecuted unless they have major infractions or are ... Read More »

Can you get caught using LimeWire?

What are the chances of getting caught using Limewire?

Limited to none but like people have said you have a 99% higher chance that your computer will get the nastiest virus known.So you better hope and pray they still arent tracking people like they us... Read More »

Can you get caught for downloading music from limewire?

You are leaving an electronic trail of your illegal activity. The music company needs only get a court order (very easy) and Limewire will hand it over to them. If you insist on breaking the law,... Read More »