Do you know any websites that sell night vision camcorders?

Answer Yes, Amazon has a ton of them. You can get a full fledged night vision camcorder for about $150, or one of those mini flip camcorders in night vision for about $50, but find what suits you best I'l... Read More »

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Night vision camcorders?

The posters who gave specific models are right. More generally, any Sony camercorder that has Super NightShot® System has infrared.

Are there any websites that give objective previews of digital camcorders?

I recently purchased a digital camcorder so I can provide some personal insight on the "digicam" enlightenment you seek, being one to always "research something to death" for fear of not getting th... Read More »

What are stores that sell camcorders?

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sams Club, Radio Shack and probably local electronics stores.

How does walmart sell their camcorders at a cheaper price than most electronic stores?

They have retailers who own sweatshoips in poorer nations with little to no MW and peasents who are working long hours to prosuce mass quantities for better pay off to the dealer.The end result? ch... Read More »