Do you know any websites that sell night vision camcorders?

Answer Yes, Amazon has a ton of them. You can get a full fledged night vision camcorder for about $150, or one of those mini flip camcorders in night vision for about $50, but find what suits you best I'l... Read More »

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Night vision camcorders?

The posters who gave specific models are right. More generally, any Sony camercorder that has Super NightShot® System has infrared.

Does anyone know any good websites that sell Hippie/Indian/Rasta/Gypsy vintage stuff?

Are there any websites that give objective previews of digital camcorders?

I recently purchased a digital camcorder so I can provide some personal insight on the "digicam" enlightenment you seek, being one to always "research something to death" for fear of not getting th... Read More »

What are stores that sell camcorders?

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sams Club, Radio Shack and probably local electronics stores.