Do you know any websites talking about financial aid for college?

Answer Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It's about student loans articles for your second opinion.http://www.1st-student-loan-consolidatio… Read More »

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Clueless about financial aid for college - HELP!!!?

If your EFC (estimated family contribution) is 0, which I'm sure it will be from your situation, you will get $4050 per year in grant money. This is free money you don't have to pay back.You will ... Read More »

How to Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About?

Its not the best tactic, but if you've found yourself in a conversation about something you know nothing about, here's how to survive.

How to convince my mom that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to makeup?

Why on earth do you have seven brushes? Yeah, they do different things, but many of them are multipurpose. I have four brushes and could easily do without two of them. You can get one eyeshadow bru... Read More »

scared about college dont know if illl get in i failed college the first time and now i want to go bk?

Financial aid is largely based on financial need, not grades. Also, don't let your worries about being admitted keep you from applying. You undoubtedly learned a lot from your first try at college ... Read More »