Do you know any remedies for a sprained muscle?

Answer Sorry...You will out of duty for awhile...only rest will heal...

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Sprained calf muscle in soccer tryouts?

Report this situation to your coach... It's the serious symptom to have.Good luck!

Knee swollen, sprained Quariceps feel soft as if muscle has shrank....?

Wow that is a complex question. There are a ton of factors.Your knee is made up of six vulnerable structures. I'll list them in roughly the most to least severe/common order: your ACL (anterior cru... Read More »

How to know if i sprained my foot?

RestIceCompressElevateFor impact injuries.Rest it, put ice on it, rap in bandages for compression, and elevate above heart. I broke both my forearm bones last friday.

How do i know if i broke/sprained my toe?

There is nothing they can do for a broken or sprained toe. It has to heal on it's own. Try to keep it in an open shoe and don't keep pulling it. Take advil to reduce the pain.