Do you know any herbal medicine that could cure UTI?

Answer I use d-mannose for mine. It works really great if you follow the instructions and not so well if you don't.

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If you guys don't trust traditional medicine, what makes you think that herbal medicine works better?

Everyone here is citing the "because we see it work" reason (which I often agree with), but I'm more in favor of the "becasue it's less dangerous and likely to hurt you reason." (for the same reas... Read More »

I know there is a "recipe" (or a medicine, idk) that will help you vomit. does any1 know it?

Are there any herbal recipes that could help cancer?

The Chinese herbal remedy successfully used together with chemotherapy is called Chung Kuo Chung Hsi Chieh Ho Tsa Chih.Do more research now when you have the name.

Is there any natural cure that could replace Tamiflu?

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