Do you know any good sites for some legal highs?

Answer Yo send me a message I'll tell you where I get mine, not saying it on here

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I know about free webs and like google sites, but are these just as good as sites you have to pay for?

Search engines do not care how much you spend, free hosts with a proper domain name will do as well as paid ones.

Legal highs that you can buy from chemists?

Best high I've ever had was from a sleeping pill called stilnox. Unfortunately it's prescription because it's schedule 7. But if you have a script you can get it from a chemist :)

How can i know whether he is visiting some porn sites if he deletes history.?

Get a little hidden spy camera that can't be seen by your brother and then he can delete his a** off, but you'll know. I mean, really; why would anyone delete their history unless they have somethi... Read More »

What are some good mp3 sites?