I got some new tennis shoes today from nike and want to know if I made a good choice?

Answer "gay black new balance" since when do shoes have a sexual preference? But regarding the shoes there fine.

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I have had a number call me a few times today. Does anyone know of a good reverse number search site..........?

I would like to know if you know anything about the ebook reader Prestigio PER3884B. Is it good?

Yes it is good, but you might check the support site for more information...

Do you know today is National Flower Day?

I did not know this.We have the yellow daffodils, (I call them Easter Lilies :), growing wild all around our yard, they are so pretty.. my husband brings me some each day.., sweet :)(((hugs)))

Supernatural fans, did you know that today is...?

You truly are the most dedicated Supernatural fan i have EVER encountered :DHappy Birthday Beautiful.