How to Make Someone Kiss You First (for Girls)?

Answer For girls and boys, especially young teenagers, having a first kiss is something well sought after, and very nerve-wracking as well as frightening. If you're a girl, you may just want to strip your... Read More »

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I need a wheelchair cover for a motorized wheelchair. any ideas where to buy one?

There are a number of retailers which offer them both online and in regular storefronts. Most often if you want to purchase locally, check for your Yellow Pages for a local medical supply store or... Read More »

How to Kiss Girls in Bully the Game?

This is how to kiss the girls in Bully.

How to Kiss Girls in Saboteur the Game?

In the video game "The Saboteur," your character is Sean Devlin, a man caught up in the French Resistance during World War II. Using stealth and sabotage, you strike back at the Nazi menace. During... Read More »

How to Make a Dog Wheelchair out of a Regular Wheelchair?

Making a wheelchair from scratch for your large dog can be challenging for the novice builder, and buying him a new one can eat a hole in your pocket book. The good news is that if you have a giant... Read More »