What are some famous peoples phone numbers or fanlines?

Answer Jonas Brothers (818) 748-8887 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em (678) 999-8212 Lloyd (404) 492-6549 Demi Lovato (972) 499-4918 Plies (813) 964-3813 Katy Perry (805) 754-2138 Tila Tequila (860) 256-8452 The Che... Read More »

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How to find peoples phone numbers?

some phones allow you to sync facebook contacts to your phone

Can you block peoples numbers on a Samsung Galaxy Y GTS 5360?

I don't have one of those, but try going to your carrier's website. A lot of service providers have the block option from your account.

How do I Stop a Browser from Displaying Skype Numbers Instead of Normal Phone Numbers?

Skype is an instant messenger service that also allows you to make phone calls and video calls. When you install Skype, it comes bundled with the Skype browser add-in. One of the features is that i... Read More »

Why do peoples' voices sound different when they're talking on the phone?

One major reason for voices sounding different is that the frequency response of the telephone system is limited. The range of the human ear can extend right up 20kHz or more, especially in young... Read More »